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What to Expect

  • We will promote the use of relevant tools to personalize our students' education and grow their knowledge, skills, and character.

  • We will develop the personal well-being of each student.

  • We will teach students the requisite knowledge and skills to be successful 21st century learners.

  • We will collaboratively identify and utilize common best practices school-wide to maximize student learning.


Mountain View Elementary, one of the oldest continually operating elementary schools in Academy School District 20, was built in 1965 on the northern edge of Colorado Springs. Through the years, the building was expanded, most recently in 1974. Those years saw explosive growth on the northern edge of Colorado Springs, resulting in the construction of a new elementary school, Antelope Trails, in 1992. The resulting shift in the population served by Mountain View caused the district to reopen the school that same year as Academy District 20's first magnet school - an elementary magnet for technology. With a new administration, new staff, and state-of-the-art equipment, Mountain View Elementary attracted students from throughout the school district.

Growth and Expansion

Continued growth in the area served by Mountain View, particularly in the Pine Creek neighborhood, stretched the existing facility beyond its capacity, resulting in the design and construction of a new facility in 2003, moving the school in its entirety in December of that year. 

Vision For Learning

Mountain View Elementary continues to strive to realize its vision through the education of the whole child, innovative integration of technology, and through providing a challenging curriculum to all of the students it serves.​