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Students will focus on reading and comprehending various fiction and non fiction texts. They will also practice answering complex questions related to these texts. 


​Students will write for a variety of purposes using different formats including Opinion/Persuasive, Informative, and Narrative. They will continue to build on using C.U.P.S. (Capitalization (Beginning of Sentence, Proper Nouns), Usage of Grammar,  Punctuation (Varying at the End of Sentence, Commas, Quotation Marks), and Spelling) correctly in their writing.


Students are using the Everyday Math spiraling math curriculum to practice basic skills as well as explore mathematical content beyond basic arithmetic.  They will study operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in base ten, number and operation with fractions, measurement and data, and geometry​.


Students will study Weather, Landforms, Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources, Mixtures & Solutions, Human Body, and Variables. ​

Social Studies

Students will explore early American history starting with explorers.  Following that they will learn about the colonies and the American Revolution. The Ameritowne curriculum will also be an important part of our year. 


Students are expected to spell grade level words correctly. They may use appropriate resources to assist in their spelling when needed.

How Can I Support at Home?

Continue to read to, with or along side your​ child nightly as well as discuss the reading to further develop comprehension skills as well as a love for reading. Try varying text complexity and genres to keep things interesting. We will be doing some novel studies this year. This is also a great time to read the novels your children are reading so you can have conversations at home.

Help your child practice and master their math facts and practice skills we are working on in class.  Reflex Math is great for this practice. 

Make sure to check the planner nightly for further information.