Snow Days/Late Start /Inclement Weather


Snow Days and Late Start

Snow days and late start days are called by the District Twenty Administrative Offices. On days when inclement weather is a factor, please watch for closures or cancellations on the local radio and television stations.  You can also check the Weather Alert on the District Twenty website at

If there is a two hour delay, school will begin at 10:35. Students will be allowed in the school building at 10:20. On late start days, ALL before school activities, clubs and tutoring will be cancelled. Please do not bring students any earlier than 10:20 as there will be no supervision for students.

If an early release is called, parents will be notified through the 20Alert system.  (see Page 3)

Please sign up on your Parent Portal to receive updates via our 20Alert System, phone calls, or text messages.


Inclement Weather at Dismissal

In the event of a severe storm at dismissal time Mountain View staff will work together to maintain the safety of all children. Please understand that the regular dismissal procedures will be delayed to ensure student and staff safety. In this event, our dismissal procedure will be as follows:

  • Bus students will report to the gym and will be escorted to their bus when conditions are safe. 
  • Students who walk will be held in the classroom until conditions are safe or they are picked up by a parent or authorized adult.
  • Students who are normally released through Kiss-N-Go may be picked up in their classroom by a parent or authorized adult. 
  • Back Kiss and Go will not be available  -  WE WILL ONLY RELEASE THROUGH FRONT KISS AND GO once conditions are safe

Indoor Recess
Children will be kept inside for recess in the following circumstances:

  • Rainy or wet weather
  • Very cold weather (a wind chill of below 20 degrees)
  • Lightning strikes in the area

The weather in Colorado is unpredictable and can change dramatically in just a few minutes.  Please dress children appropriately or in layers.