Technology is a critical piece of 21st Century education.  This inclusive tool allows all types of learners to build confidence and skills.  Our students need ample opportunity to explore, create, and design using different types of hardware and software.  It is important for children to be comfortable not only using an app or typing efficiently but researching information in a discriminating way, and collaborating with others to solve real world problems.  Innovation begins out of the opportunity to explore the tools available to us.  

Students will visit web sites provided by a teacher or adult staff member. All district technology devices, go through the district internet filtering system. This is designed to keep students safe on the internet. However, students visiting inappropriate sites, or using computers in a way that disrespects others' work will result in disciplinary measures. Discipline may include the suspension of Internet privileges and and/or consequences related to violation of other school/district policies.   

  • Students are expected to treat all computers and technology equipment with care and respect at all times. In accordance with this, all students must follow the requirements of the Internet agreement as well as school rules and procedures for all technology use. You may read more in Board Policy JS regarding appropriate student use of technology. 

Personal Devices/Cell Phones

  • Students are not to call parents without teacher permission.  Calls can be made from the front office. 
  • If it is necessary for your student to use a personal cell phone before or after school, it must be turned off and left in backpacks during the school hours. The school does not take responsibility for loss, damage or theft of cell phones. This policy applies to all school related events (i.e. Field trips, clubs, school dances, etc.) If cell phones are used during the school day they will be held in the office until parents pick them up. 
  • Since personal devices are not currently filtered through the district internet filter, they will not be allowed for use during the school day. 
  • Telephone calls will not be put through to classrooms during the school day.  Office personnel are happy to forward a message to your child should it be required.

Please review our Young Kids' Pledge.  Your child(ren)  will be asked to read this and sign it at the beginning of the school year.  This helps us to make sure all of our children and families are aware of the technology rules we'd like all our children to adhere to.