Mountain View's art program is based on the belief that art skills are not just inherited, they are developed. To promote children's creative growth, art concepts and skills are taught according to the developmental readiness of students. The Academy District Art Standards as well as Colorado State Art Standards serve as a base of our sequential and purposeful art program. Students are exposed to a wide variety of experiences in different media and techniques, including drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, pottery, printing, and computer art.  In Mountain View's art program, projects incorporate aspects of art appreciation and art history, giving even young children a growing treasury of knowledge about famous artists, art styles, and art influence in everyday life. Participation in art shows and contests and integration of art with the classroom curriculum, which research shows is very valuable, is an integral part of our art program.  Each child's artwork is valued, and as such, is exhibited in the halls of our school.


For further information about our Art classes and all they have to offer, please contact Mrs. Story at (eva.story@asd20.org).


Physical Education

The purpose of elementary physical education is to get kids skillfully moving and playing in an exciting, safe and fun environment. 

The foundation for a lifetime of physical activity can begin in the elementary years as kids start to explore and participate in a variety of sports and activities.

During P.E. classes students need to have as much contact, practice and movement with their own piece of equipment.  Physical Education focusses on age appropriate skill development and incorporating these skills into lead-up games for sports application in the intermediate grades.

In P.E. students will learn a wide variety of manipulative skills (throwing, catching, kicking, striking trapping and volleying), locomotor movements, games, fitness activities/concepts,  dancing, jump rope, geocaching individual and team sports games and concepts.

For more information about our P.E. classes, please contact Ms. Beth Marr at (beth.marr@asd20.org).


Kindergarten is a special time of discovering and developing the skills that make music come to life. Learning to listen and finding a sense of rhythm are major focuses. Developing vocal control and movement skills are also important to begin creating and performing music.


First and second grades further develop their control of rhythm and sound by utilizing the voice and a variety of percussion instruments. They explore the acts of creating and communicating music through performance as well as literacy.


In third grade, students explore musical concepts via an instrument that requires and develops fine-motor skill-the recorder! The use of musical literacy, rhythm, pitch, timing, and listening all come together as students use their recorders to master several well-known songs as well as compose their own.


The fourth and fifth graders continue to create, perform, and listen to music. They explore the fundamentals of three of the most influential and widely used instruments in today's music, guitar, drum set, and keyboard.   Let's make some music!


For more information about our music classes, please contact Mr. Joel Porter at (joel.porter@asd20.org).



Estimados Padres de Familia:
Welcome back to a new school year! It has been an incredible experience teaching Spanish at MVE. The end goal is to provide the children with a basic exposure of the Spanish language along with cultural knowledge of other Spanish speaking countries.

What does it look like in class and how do we do it?
Lots of listening activities, especially at the younger grades. Kids use their "Spanish ears" to participate in a variety of activities that develop their mental word banks and prime their memory  for speaking activities as we progress.
We sing a lot of songs, play games, and move about the class. By engaging in these activities, kids learn the rhythm and sound of Spanish, while also learning children's culture from a variety of Spanish speaking countries.

To learn more about our Spanish class please contact Sra. Dolloff at (laura.dolloff@asd20.org).

21C Learning

Mountain View's 21st Century Learning Center is located on the west end of the school. It is bright and airy and has spacious views of the Air Force Academy and the Front Range. Our library has over 9.000 print items for checkout and an electronic bookshelf called MackinVia along with laptop carts and Ipads. 


Students come to the 21C weekly to have 21st Century skills lessons which include library and technology. This schedule encourages students to use a variety of information formats to enhance and differentiate learning whether in print or electronic form. 


The 21C staff is committed to meeting or exceeding the 21st Century standards which include the 4 Cs- Collaboration, Creativity, Critical thinking and Communication. We also add a fifth C here in the 21C- Citizenship- digital and personal) We respect and encourage differentiated learning styles of all students.


For further information about 21C Learning please contact Patty Moore at (patty.moore@asd20.org).