Safety & Volunteer Information

Safety Drills

Evacuation drills, fire, lockdown, and tornado drills will be scheduled regularly.  Instructions are posted throughout the building.  Teachers will review safety drill instructions with their class.  The Principal will give a signal when to return to the classrooms.  If the need for a lock-down occurs, teachers will be notified.  Drills are to ensure safe practices and prepare staff and students.  We will have a safety week in the first quarter of the school year to review all of the safety drills.


Student Threats

Any and all threats to the safety and welfare of students, staff, or school district property that are stated, written or otherwise conveyed by the student or students will be treated as a serious offense.  The district protocol for such threats may require that a formal threat assessment be completed to evaluate the severity of the threat.  Appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and/or expulsion and notification of appropriate authorities, will be taken. 


Weapons at School

Bringing, carrying, using, or possessing weapons as defined by district policy or the use of any object in a threatening, intimidating, violent, or improper manner may be grounds for expulsion from school.  Using facsimile weapons (such as toy guns, knives, martial arts toys, etc.) in a threatening, dangerous, or intimidating manner may also be grounds for expulsion from school.  Such toys should never be brought to school, to a bus stop, or to any school activity or on school grounds. 


Volunteers and Visitors

We value, support and encourage volunteerism in our building.  We know that our volunteers have an important role in the success of our students at Mountain View.

Responsibilities of the School

  • Initiate appropriate background and security checks for all persons who will interact with students on a regular basis.
  • Provide a volunteer orientation which will give general information for our volunteers.
  • Inform volunteers of policies and procedures which are relevant to them.
  • Monitor volunteers to ensure that these policies and procedures are being followed.

Responsibilities of the Volunteers

  • Attend volunteer orientation.
  • Refrain from discussing confidential information with other students and/or parents.
  • Please arrange child care for pre-school children.
  • Notify appropriate school personnel if you are unable to be at school at your scheduled time.


  • All visitors MUST sign in and out at the front office and wear a visitor badge.
  • It is always a courtesy to notify your child's teacher in advance if you plan to visit their classroom.
  • Please make arrangements for child care for preschool children or infants when visiting.
  • Family members are welcome to eat lunch with their children.  Please inform the office by 8:45 a.m. if you plan to purchase a school lunch.