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Students are encouraged to explore a wide variety of reading genres and to develop a life long interest in reading.

Collaborative skill lessons based on current grades' specific requests and requirements are incorporated throughout the year.

Kindergarten Skills

In kindergarten, students start the year by learning basic book care. They learn how to turn pages, how to carry books and where the best places are to store books to keep them safe.

They learn how to locate different types of books and how to use a shelf marker to know where to put books back if they decide to choose another book. 

First Grade Skills

First grade students start the year off with a review of basic library book care, library rules and policies.

Students also learn how to choose a book based on looking at the cover, pictures and using the five-finger rule on one of the book's pages. First graders then learn the difference between fiction and nonfiction books. Identifying book parts is another important first grade skill.

Second Grade Skills

Second grade students review basic library skills and rules and then move on to alphabetizing. Students learn that easy and fiction books are shelved alphabetically by the author's last name. They are introduced to the Dewey Decimal Classification system for nonfiction books.

Use of the computer catalog to find a desired book is explored. Second graders are introduced to encyclopedia and dictionary use. 

Third Grade Skills

Students in third grade start out the year reviewing all the skills learned up to this point. Nonfiction and fiction shelf order is explored more fully and they practice using the computer catalog to look up books by title, author and subject. Parts of books and magazines are discussed with emphasis on use of the table of contents, glossary and index.

Third graders learn the difference between biographies, autobiographies, and collected biographies. Encyclopedias and dictionary use is studied.

Fourth Grade Skills

Fourth graders review all library skills learned up to this grade. 

Encyclopedia use with lessons in finding additional information through the use of cross-references are addressed. A thesaurus and atlas introduction comes at the end the year.

Fifth Grade Skills

Fifth graders begin the year with an extensive review of all the library skills learned to this point, basic rules, parts of a book, use of encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference materials such as the thesaurus and atlases. Biographies, collected biographies and autobiographies differences are reviewed. 

Students learn about bibliographic cites and the correct way to record citation information for their reports.