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  • If you know that your child will not be in school or will be late due to an appointment, please call the school at 719 234-4800. You can call anytime (day or night) and leave a voicemail, or you may send an email to

  • If your student is going to be late and needs to order a school lunch, please call the office, and leave the student’s name, name of the teacher and the lunch option he/she wants. The office submits the lunch count by 9:30am.

  • If the office is not notified of an absence, a phone call will be made to the parent(s) to inquire about the reason for the absence. If parents do not return the phone call, the absence remains on the District’s system and an automated phone call will be made to the parent/guardian. The absence remains as unexcused in the system.

  • If you are planning a vacation/trip. Please notify our attendance clerk in the front office. Vacations are not excused absences. Vacations will be marked as pre-arranged, unexcused.