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What your student will learn


Students will focus on using a variety of comprehension skills to read and understand complex fiction and nonfiction texts. Second grade uses the Wonders program which has an online component called ConnectED. Students can practice reading skills through Lexia Core 5.


Students will write for a variety of purposes using different formats including informative, narrative, and opinion writing utilizing the writing process. We will focus on sentence fluency in addition to CUPS (capitalization, usage {grammar} punctuation, and spelling).


Key concepts include fluency in addition and subtraction facts as well as 2 and 3 digit numbers, Other standards that are covered are: telling time, skip counting, comparing numbers, place value, money, graphing, shapes, measurement, and word problems. 

Science and Social Studies

Students will delve into the study of Lifecycles, Habitats & Adaptations, Forces and Motion, and Weather.  In Social Studies students will explore timelines, map skills, historical figures, economics and government.


Students should consistently be using their editing skills (CUPS) across all writing to include editing their work for spelling.  Students are expected to spell grade-level words and words included in the text correctly at all times and utilize resources as needed. Spelling focuses on a different spelling pattern each week with weekly spelling tests.

How can I support at home​?

Students should regularly be practicing building their math fluency and concepts.  Visit our logins page for more

Language Arts content skills on Lexia.  go to Lexia.