Resource Team
The resource program at Mountain View Elementary uses a multidisciplinary approach in evaluating and working with students to accommodate their individual needs. A student's educational program is designed by the multidisciplinary team and is based on the goals and objectives which are identified in the Individual Education Plan. The resource program also provides students support with their regular education curriculum either through consultation, direct small group instruction or in-class assistance.



Continuum of Service Delivery

The classroom teacher, special education teacher and parents work together to facilitate a student's learning in educational and community environments. Consultation provides opportunities for the teachers to monitor generalization of skills in the regular education classroom.

Classroom Support
The special education teacher provides supports to students directly in the classroom. This support may be in the form of modifications to the curriculum or direct assistance with a specific concept. Direct instruction in organization of materials, taking notes etc. can take place in the actual environment where it is needed most. Students are given opportunities for test options which may include modified tests or alternate setting in small group.

Resource Room/Direct Instruction
This model works best for students who require small group instruction for learning of specific skills related to their weak areas.
Using these service delivery models in conjunction with one another affords the best opportunity to learn the most effective intervention processes that work for an individual student. When using all delivery models together, service providers are given a complete picture of how a student functions in his academic environment.

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