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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

Email: Sra. Dolloff - Spanish


Estimados Padres de Familia:
Welcome back to a new school year! It has been an incredible experience teaching Spanish at MVE. The end goal is to provide the children with a basic exposure of the Spanish language along with cultural knowledge of other Spanish speaking countries.

What does it look like in class and how do we do it?
Lots of listening activities, especially at the younger grades. Kids use their "Spanish ears" to participate in a variety of activities that develop their mental word banks and prime their memory  for speaking activities as we progress.
We sing a lot of songs, play games, and move about the class. By engaging in these activities, kids learn the rhythm and sound of Spanish, while also learning children's culture from a variety of Spanish speaking countries.

Colorado Academic Standards
World Language Standards

Communication in target languageStudents will learn and practice everyday dialogues.
Knowledge and Understanding of other culturesStudents will gain more in depth understanding of the culture of Spanish speaking countries. We'll research about Hispanic countries and famous personalities that have made an impact in the world.
Connections with other disciplinesStudents will use their knowledge to connect to other disciplines such as Math, Geography, Technology, Art, Music, etc.
Comparisons to develop insight into the Nature of Language and CultureStudents will learn similarities and differences of Spanish and English language learning new vocabulary.