21st Century Learning Center (21C) Contacts

​Patty Moore-  21C Teacher 

Stacie Taylor - Digital Learning Coach

Welcome to the 21st Century Learning Center (21C)





Mountain View's 21st Century Learning Center is located on the west end of the school. It is bright and airy and has spacious views of the Air Force Academy and the front range. Our library has over 9.000 print items for checkout and an electronic bookshelf called MackinVia along with laptop carts and Ipads. 
Students come to the 21C weekly to have 21st Century skills lessons which include library and technology. This schedule encourages students to use a variety of information formats to enhance and differentiate learning whether in print or electronic form. 
The 21C staff is committed to meeting or exceeding the 21st Century standards which include the 4 Cs- Collaboration, Creativity, Critical thinking and Communication. We also add  a fifth C here in the 21C- Citizenship- digital and personal) We respect and encourage differentiated learning styles of all students.